"I would just like to state how patient the staff and doctor were with me. I had just moved to the area in my 30th week of my pregnancy. My other clinic I was going to hadn't sent over my records yet, so they were patient with getting all the information they needed. As it may appear from my comments above the other clinic I was going to never seemed to be on top of letting me know information or results of lab tests. It would sometimes take months of me requesting them. This clinic has gone beyond what was expected."

"The staff are always so kind to me. Dr.Ferguson had to go deliver a baby, but he still came in and talked to me and solved my problem. When he left the nurses explained everything and were very apologetic. I didn't mind, but they were still very apologetic and kind. They are all very lovely people."

"The care I receive from Dr.Ferguson and his staff has always been courteous and professional. Dr. Ferguson is knowledgeable and caring, and has always put my needs and concerns first with my treatment. I appreciate all that the staff at BCWC have done for me."